Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Powlison: What Good Is "Don't Worry" in Times Like These?

CCEF is reprinting an article by David Powlison on worry. You can read it in four parts:
Here's the basic outline:
  1. You’ve got plenty of good reasons to worry!
  2. You’ve got plenty of better reasons not to worry!
  3. How do you get a grip when the barbarians are rioting in the streets of your mind?
You should read the whole thing instead of relying on my inadequate summary, but here's a quick outline of the practical steps he recommends at the end:
  1. Name the pressures.
  2. Identify how you express anxiety. (Spot the signs.)
  3. Ask yourself, "Why am I anxious?" (Uncover the inner logic of your worry.)
  4. Meditate on Jesus' promises of provision and reasons not to worry.
  5. Go and talk to your Father.
  6. Give--do and say something constructive and caring.