Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Your Christian School: A Culture of Grace?

If you're involved with Christian education this looks like a great CD set to get a hold of, taught by Paul Tripp:
Christian school teachers, administrators, teachers and staff - Is your school something more than a system of rules, offenses and punishments? What is the vision that propels the mission of your Christian school? Are you content with behavior control and the dissemination of knowledge? Are you asking the law to do what only grace can accomplish? Rules restrain sin, rules expose sin, but rules will never deliver a child from sin. A biblical worldview tells us that what is wrong with children is something more profound than lack of information and skill. Christian education struggles are the fruit of a deeper struggle. This conference will help you win the deeper war for the hearts and minds of our children. Recorded live at Christian School conferences on 9 CDs. Each CD approx. 50 minutes. Retail price: $37.95. Our price: $29.95 with free shipping.