Friday, July 31, 2009

The City: A New Journal

Posted by James Grant

Russ Moore explains that Houston Baptist University is publishing a new journal called The City. The summer 2009 issue includes articles by Moore on the death of John Updike, Wilfred McClay on the soul and the city, Hunter Baker on science, Peter Augustine Lawler on Solzhenitsyn, Robert P. George on Obama and abortion, and Louis Markos on Christ in the Classroom. The journal also features a symposium on “younger evangelicals” between John Mark Reynolds, Francis J. Beckwith, and Matthew Lee Anderson. Moore writes:

The symposium includes this quote from Francis Beckwith: “If the young evangelicals are really serious about ’struggle’ and ‘authenticity,’ they should avoid drama queens like Donald Miller and look at those who have really lived it.” This is in the midst of Beckwith’s argument that “authenticity” is being treated by some evangelicals as one more commodity to be acquired in the whirl of their “image-hypnotized” lives.

You can subscribe to the journal here. You should also check out the archives.