Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Revelation 12 and the Kingdom of Our God

Here's a worthwhile spiritual exercise: Read Revelation 12, then read the lyrics to this hymn written by D.A. Carson (from the album Shout with Delight):
The enemy is fearsome;
His fury terrifies.
His arrogance is loathsome;
His foul mouth vilifies
The Son of God in heaven,
The angels he installed,
The offspring of the woman—
The people God has called.

Our foe has been defeated;
He knows his time is short,
And far from being seated
In honor in God’s court,
His certain doom is looming
Like clouds before a squall,
And blind rage marks his booming
Attack upon us all.

He loves to foster warfare
Or peace with great deceit.
He aims to fill his death lair
With rebels; he repeats
His filthy accusations
To make us doubt the Lord;
He doles out tribulations
Of famine, plagues, and sword.

The father of all murder,
His passion is the lie;
In sin a tireless worker—
A tempter who will try
To dupe us with seduction,
Or persecute to death—
To challenge God’s election,
Deny the Spirit’s breath.

But we have overcome him by the blood of God’s own Lamb.
We silence accusations; on Christ’s death we take our stand.
The kingdom is advancing by the gospel we proclaim.
The truth to which we testify that frees from fear and shame.
We will not hide from danger, death, and other earthly loss,
For we are learning daily death, the pathway of the cross.
The devil fights with fury, with a cruel and bruising rod.
But we extol the triumph of the kingdom of our God.
To hear Dr. Carson unpack Revelation 12, you can listen to or watch his talk here on The Strange Triumph of a Slaughtered Lamb:

“The Strange Triumph of a Slaughtered Lamb” (Revelation 12)

“The Strange Triumph of a Slaughtered Lamb” (Revelation 12)