Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great Deal on Book on Poverty

I just heard from WTS Books that they are running a special for 48 hours (expiring at 5 PM EST on Saturday, July 18), selling When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor . . . and Yourself for $4.89 (67% off the retail price).

Here are a few more blurbs:
"From the early pages, where the authors promptly and humbly confess how they have "messed up" in their own efforts to alleviate poverty, to the last chapters where their vast experience and on-the-street wisdom show through so helpfully, this is a book that wonderfully combines heavy-duty thinking with practical tools. As a journalist, I appreciate the author's story-telling and descriptive abilities. As a churchman, I appreciate their zeal to root all strategies in the institution God has ordained to bring about His goals. No donor should invest another dollar in any kind of relief effort before digesting the last page of this important book."
 - Joel Belz, Founder and writer, World Magazine

"I confess to becoming irritated when I read something—such as When Helping Hurts—that makes me reconsider my methods and ministry, but am usually thankful when it helps me be more effective in serving the Lord. The authors struggle with an ambivalence that arises from the desperation of poor people around the world and the often stumbling efforts of those of us who try to help them. Poor people need help, but what is the best way to help them, and how do we keep from hurting them? These are the issues at stake.
  This book has wonderful stories that illustrate the dilemma faced by those who would do good. It may be a bitter pill to swallow that, having invested in a worthy cause, you hear that the results have caused damage to the very people you meant to bless. Please see this book as an encouragement to do things right and not as a condemnation of anyone's sincere motive to help the needy.
  Though the authors are men of education, knowledge, and experience, they confess their own struggles in the application of these principles. As someone who has once been poor, and has worked all of his years in ministry to help the poor, I encourage you to read and ponder the principles in When Helping Hurts"
 - Randy Nabors, Pastor of New City Fellowship, TN (PCA)

  "Corbett and Fikkert have done a masterful job integrating insights from Scripture, social science research, and community development practice to give readers sound, practical, and effective strategies for equipping people to have more effective ministry to the poor. In this excellent book you'll discover new ways of approaching short-term missions (that truly help the poor rather than hurt them) as well as new ways of providing long-term economic empowerment of poor people both in North America and across the world. When Helping Hurts should be required for all church leaders, academics and church members."
 - Steven L. Childers, President & CEO, Global Church Advancement; Reformed Theological Seminary