Friday, July 31, 2009

"What Is Man?"

Posted by Robert Sagers

Are you looking for a little more mid-summer reading?

The latest issue of the The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology (SBJT) has just rolled off the presses. All of the major articles in this issue are devoted to the topic of "Theological Anthropology," articles ranging from an analysis and definition of human personhood (Bruce A. Ware) to a case for dualistic holism (John W. Cooper).

From Stephen Wellum's editorial:
"In the end, it is a theological anthropology which we desperately need today, given the anthropological crisis of our day... It is my prayer that this issue will better equip each one of us not only to know the truth but also to practice it, in an increasingly dark and de-humanizing age."
Gregg Allison's helpful article, "Toward a Theology of Embodiment," has been posted online. Before defining human embodiment and outlining various elements of a theology of the body, Allison first contends "that evangelicals at best express an ambivalence toward the human body, and at worst manifest a disregard or contempt for it." Read the whole thing.

Other articles include an ethical case study from Russell D. Moore, a "practical" article from William Cutrer and Robert Cutrer on personal wellness, and a forum featuring C. Ben Mitchell, Mark T. Coppenger, Chad O. Brand, Denny Burk, and Stephen Wellum.

You can survey the contents of most back issues of the SBJT and read several major articles from pages past, as well as subscribe to the journal whose recent themes have included "Exploring Biblical Theology," "Exodus," and "Learning from the Church Fathers."

Happy summer reading!