Friday, September 18, 2009

Applying the Year of Jubilee

Kevin DeYoung first shows why we cannot appeal to Leviticus 25 to argue for government-sponsored redistribution of property and resources. Here are his five points:
  1. We are not an ancient, agrarian society.
  2. Most importantly, our property was not assigned directly by God.
  3. Our economy is not based on a fixed piece of land.
  4. Our nation is not under the Mosaic covenant.
  5. Most of us are not Jews.
But, Kevin argues, jubilee has several applications and ramifications for how we view wealth and poverty:
  1. We should find ways to give opportunities for the poor to succeed.
  2. The Bible supports the existence of private property.
  3. The Bible relativizes private property.
  4. Our God is the God of second chances.
  5. Jesus is Jubilee.
You can read the whole thing here.