Friday, September 18, 2009

On Aborting Down Syndrome Babies

Al Mohler's latest article reflects on the combination of two disturbing developments: (1) 95% of mothers who discover the high risk of Down syndrome in their babies through prenatal screening choose to have the lives of these babies terminated. (2) New technologies for prenatal diagnosis are on their way. The almost-certain result is that there will be more prenatal testing, and therefore more termination of human life.

Dr. Mohler also cites this journal article by Dr. Brian Skotko (an expert in DS), who cites evidences that nearly 1 in 4 doctors either actively "urge" termination or "emphasize" the negative aspects of DS so as to encourage termination.

Dr. Skoto writes:
. . . health care providers have historically operated under the assumption that if a woman consents to prenatal screening or diagnosing, she must believe that having a child with DS would be an undesired outcome and wish to terminate her pregnancy if such a diagnosis were made prenatally.
Knowing that assumption is crucial. As Dr. Mohler writes: "Expectant parents should read that sentence over and over again, and so should those who counsel them."