Friday, September 11, 2009

The Prodigal God

Award-winning Christian songwriter and singer Brian Doerksen is working on a new musical that will retell the story of the prodigal son. It's called "Prodigal God: The Musical Tale of Two Brothers and One Wastefully Extravagant Father." The site takes a while to load, but you can listen to samples of the songs and download a free EP. Looks like they are currently doing auditions and raising funds. The project has been seven years in the making, and doesn't have anything official to do with Tim Keller's book, The Prodigal God.

Speaking of Keller: last night I was able to watch some of the DVD of Keller teaching this material. It is very well done (hats off to Zondervan). It is not a "talking head" type video, or one of Keller speaking live before an audience. It would be great to watch in small groups or Sunday School classes, or for your own edification. I highly recommend it. It's called The Prodigal God: Finding Your Place at the Table.

You can watch a couple of "trailers" here (not embeddable.)

(I haven't yet seen the discussion guide, but I would expect it to be helpful as well.)