Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dug Down Deep Film Contest

Joshua Harris's next book, Dug Down Deep, will be published by Multnomah this January. (I've read it and recommend it.)

On his blog he is having a contest, looking for 10 filmmakers who can create short videos related to the book. He explains:
It's a book about the importance of knowing Jesus Christ and building your life on a true knowledge of him. I care very much about its message and want to do all I can to spread it to people who are indifferent or unconcerned about Christian theology. I'd like to create a series of short videos that can be played online to generate interest in the book.

But I have another desire that informs what I'm announcing today: I want to encourage Christians to get involved in the arts--in particular, film. At different times and different ways I've done what I could to encourage young filmmakers to hone their gifts and use film to influence the world for Christ.

So I'm combining my need for promotional videos with my desire to make an investment in Christian filmmakers. And I'm doing this in the form of a contest.

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