Thursday, December 29, 2005

The INSIGHT Program

Here's an announcement that some readers may be interested in:

Intensive Study of Integrated Global History and Theology

A Freshman/Sophomore Year of College That Produces World Christians
Offered at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Beginning in September 2006

The INSIGHT Program:
  • Instills in students a global world view in a one year college curriculum integrating Bible, History, Anthropology and Philosophy
  • Prepares students for living in intellectually and spiritually challenging environments from the secular college campus to the mission field
  • Utilizes curriculum developed at the U.S. Center for World Mission
  • Offers fully transferable credits from Northwestern College, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Annual tuition of just $7,900
  • Financial aid and grants available to qualifying students through Northwestern College

For a full description of INSIGHT, see this brochure.

For more information, contact E. Michael Rusten, Th.M., Ph.D., Associate Dean of The Bethlehem Institute and Director of the INSIGHT Program, at or 612-338-3404

For an information packet and registration materials, contact Connie Kopischke, Registrar of The Bethlehem Institute, at or 612-338-3420

Tom Steller of Bethlehem recently wrote:

Here's a chance for young men and women to spend a year with us at Bethlehem, benefitting from Pastor John's preaching and the life of this unusual body of believers, engaging in urban cross-cultural ministry, while getting a powerful year of transferrable college credit studying the World Christian Foundations curriculum in a Socratic cohort-based group. This curriculum mixed together with solid doses of the sovereignty of God and Christian Hedonism can lay an unforgettable foundation for future study and ministry at a fraction of the tuition of more traditional programs. It's almost too good to be true! If I could repeat my freshman year of college, this is what I would choose to do!