Friday, December 30, 2005

MSM New Year's Resolutions

Hugh Hewitt writes, "I have pieced together what seem to be the MSM's self-destructive New Year's Resolutions":

1. Display utter ignorance of the free-market system the rest of us work in, which is competitive and requires us to work hard to fend off competitors.

2. Have obvious contempt for your readers.

3. Save the most contempt for your most engaged readers.

4. When in doubt, throw up your hands and blame someone else.

Read the whole thing for context and explanation. Hugh sums it up well:

These New Year's Resolutions are simply not going to work for the MSM. As a blogger, I pick on the MSM a lot. We all do, and usually with good reason. We wish to hold them to the same standards they wish to hold corporations and politicians.

It doesn't mean we think the MSM should disappear. I know that when it comes to thorough, worldwide, concentrated, quick newsgathering, you can't beat AP. It will be a long time before anyone can, but there's no reason that the APs of the world should be able to recline forever in that comfortable knowledge.

I have a special place in my heart for newspapers because I grew up with them; it's what I studied in school; it's what I thought I wanted to do. But I have a more special place in my heart for whomever can give me the best information when I want it. I will not forever hold onto MSM sources simply because they feel entitled to my business, and no one else will either.