Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Christ and Culture

Jonathan Keller, Son of Tim, posts another excerpt from Tim Keller's Yet Unnamed Book. This is well-worth reading, on how both the Christian nominalist and the Christian fanatic both suffer from the same problem: not being committed enough to the gospel. (Jonathan earlier posted an excerpt on the book in which Tim explained how both secularism and faith are on the rise.) [HT: Steve McCoy]

Related to this is a thoughtful editorial from CT about Christianity and culture. Key lines: "We do not shun this world that our creator God sustains, and that means participating in one subculture or another to work for change. But first things first: we must behold our heavenly Father in worship." "In short, we complain that the church has sold out to culture, but we subconsciously give our allegiance to a political or social subculture and champion its agenda."