Friday, January 27, 2006

The End of the Spear

Steve Saint, Chad Allen, and Mart Green of The End of the Spear answer some questions surrounding the hiring of Allen to play Nate Saint, despite the fact that Allen is an outspoken homosexual activist. According to all three, Allen did not disclose his homosexuality to them until after the contract was offered, and that ETE didn't know about it until after Allen had accepted the part. The contract had not yet been signed, but they didn't want to go back on their word. Saint and Green also explain how they sensed from the Lord that this was the right decision.

I think I've said all that I plan to say on this. As I've said a number of times, the messenger is not the message. (Proof of that is Philippians 1:15-18.) But I've also said that it was not wise to cast Allen to play this part, because he's used it as a platform to advance his own agenda. Note that producer Mart Green says: "To be honest, I would not have hired Chad had I known everything about him."

Hats off to Christianity Today for their diligence in going to the horse's mouth rather than just repeating one side of the story, as many in the blogosphere have done.