Friday, August 08, 2008

Theological Education (Part 1)

I wasn't yet aware of this, but The Bethlehem Institute (out of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis) is now making curriculum available for adults (and youth). Here's some information:
You can now purchase the curriculum for the four courses that make up our "Core" Track 1 courses. We consider these courses to be essential for studying, understanding, and living the will of God as revealed in the Bible. While each course can be completed independently from the others, we believe that if completed together, a Christian will be powerfully equipped for leadership and service within the church. The course descriptions for each course are presented below. The order in which they are presented is our suggested order for how the courses should be completed if all four courses are undertaken.

Each course is designed for a 12-week semester in which approximately two hours of in-class instruction and 2-3 hours of homework are expected each week. The objectives of each course are different, but the overarching goal is to feed the mind and expand the heart with biblical truth to the glory of God.

Each course has both an Instructor’s Guide and a Student Workbook available for purchase.
The courses include two on Theological Foundations, a class on God-centered living, and a class on Mining God's Word.

One of the first churches outside of Bethlehem to adopt this core curriculum is the Hope Chapel Ministry Institute (out of Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach, California). It's exciting to see the spreading of this God-centered vision for theologically educating laypeople in the local church!