Friday, August 08, 2008

Theological Education (Part 2)

Another excellent way to continue your theological education is The Theology Program Online Courses at Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, which "seek to provide quality affordable in-depth theological education for all people."
We have developed the graded on-line theological discipleship program where the students can do all their learning and interaction through distance learning of the highest quality.

As an on-line student, you will be placed in a virtual class to engage in theology with a community of other learners. The classes will be lead by C. Michael Patton who will review your assignments and teach the class. Certificate students will receive a certificate for successful completion of the course. While this certificate is not formally accredited, it will evidence completion of a TTP course which is quickly becoming a significant achievement because of its high standards in theological development. The charge for the certificate program is $100. The actual functioning cost for each student is more but we have ministry partners who subsidize the tuition.

As a certificate student, you will watch all courses online (or through DVD) and complete all assignments according to the syllabus. As part of your requirements, you will engage in live dialog online with the instructor and other students building theological community and digging deeper into the subjects of the course. This online community will take place weekly using free software called Paltalk.

The course assignments are listed in the syllabus contained in course workbook for the individual course. These are downloadable for free in the course classrooms. Click here for further description of the assignments.

There will be maximum connection with the instructors and other students. Scheduled online Paltalk sessions will occur each week for one hour each covering the lesson for that week. The online instructor will be available in the Paltalk chat rooms at scheduled times and through email for any questions.

This is the mission of RMM to reclaim the mind by bringing theology back to the Church at a high level of scholarship. All people who seriously desire to learn theology are welcome to enroll.
Knowing the folks involved with this project, I think this is well worth the investment.

The next round of online classes begin August 26.

Here are the courses scheduled:
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Bibliology and Hermeneutics
  • Humanity and Sin
  • Ecclesiology and Eschatology
  • Christian Apologetics and Method
Each of these is taught by Michael Patton, except for the course on apologetics, which is taught by Rob Bowman.

See here for more details.