Monday, March 06, 2006

Forthcoming Mult-Views Books

According to the JETS newsletter, which lists forthcoming books by scholars, here are some "multiple views" books that are in the works. (In brackets I've placed the names of known contributors.)

  • Perspectives on Worship: Five Views, ed. Matt Pinsor (Broadman & Holman) [Dever]
  • Perspectives on the Doctrine of God: Four Views, ed. Bruce Ware (Broadman & Holman)
  • Three Views on Baptism, ed. David Wright (IVP) [Ware]
  • Fives Views on Election, ed. Chad Brad (Broadman & Holman) [Cottrell, Ware]
  • The Warning Passages in Hebrews: Four Perspectives, ed. Herbert Bateman (Kregel)
  • Four Views on the Atonement, ed. James Beilby and Paul Eddy (IVP) [Schreiner, Green, Boyd]