Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Grace Community Bible Church

A few people have asked if we have landed on a church in the Wheaton area. The answer is yes. We are very thankful to God to be a part of Grace Community Bible Church, a few miles north of Wheaton. In fact, there's a funny connection between the church and this blog. The pastors happen to be faithful readers of this blog. When they read that we were moving to Wheaton, they invited us to their church. It's the only one we visited, and we're glad to call it our church home.

Here are their core values:

"Delighting in God’s glory as our highest aim, we passionately embrace these core values in all we do:

    1. The functional centrality of the gospel
    2. The great commandment of wholehearted love for God
    3. The pursuit of holiness motivated by grace
    4. The priority and profitability of sound doctrine
    5. The active presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit
    6. The expression of our dependence on God through prayer
    7. The eager cultivation of relationships marked by honesty, humility and joyful servanthood
    8. The proclamation of the gospel to our families, community and the world
    9. The demonstration of God’s redemptive mercy through compassion to our community"
So if you're looking for a church in this area, I commend GCBC as a faithful, gospel-centered fellowship of believers who are pursuing the glory of God.