Friday, March 10, 2006

Sophie Scholl

Christianity Today Movies highlights that looks quite good: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days, an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film.

In this German-made movie, Julia Jentsch plays the role of a valiant 21-year-old hero who stood up against the Nazis, and who boldly proclaimed her faith in Jesus Christ even as she denounced Hitler as a liar. Watch her stand strong against the relentless, ferocious challenges of Nazi interrogator Robert Mohr, played with similar intensity by Alexander Held. If the real Sophie Scholl was anything like the character played by Jentsch here—and the extensive research performed by director Mark Rothemund and screenwriter Fred Breinersdorfer indicates that she was—then she deserves a place alongside history's most revered and celebrated Christian women.

Read the whole review, which ends with this line: "It's one of those rare and wonderful films that offers a vivid portrayal of faith without compromising standards of excellence."