Friday, July 13, 2007

B. B. Warfield

From Mark Noll's introduction to the new book, B. B. Warfield: Essays on His Life and Thought, edited by Gary L. W. Johnson and published by P&R:
Despite his formidable gifts as biblical exegete, biblical theologian, and biblical apologist, it is not clear that Warfield's dual effort has been appreciated as it should have been. To modern thinkers he has seemed old-fashioned, to active revivalists overly Calvinistic, to some Calvinists too much a rationalist. Yet Warfield has never lacked readers who appreciated the clarity with which he maintained traditional Calvinist doctrines or ventured forth from his Calvinist foundations to address new problems, and the numbers of those readers seems to be growing. It is, thus, all to the good that this book is being published in order to stimulate closer attention to who Warfield was and what his theological contributions actually mean.
You can order the book through the Westminster Bookstore, or preview online the Table of Contents | Foreword by David Calhoun | Introduction by Mark Noll.