Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dreaming All Day

As many of you know, the word for “church” in the New Testament is the Greek word “Ekklesia.” It refers to those who have been called out of darkness in order to be called together by God into his presence. In other words, we have been “called out” of bondage and “called into” community so that we might worship God the Father, through God the Son, in God the Spirit together. Thirsting for God together and receiving from God together is what we were all created and designed for. This is why I look forward to Sunday mornings more than any other time of the week. When I am with God's people and we are worshipping together (praying, praising, preaching), my anticipation for the “great gathering” on the last day intensifies. What we do together on Sunday mornings is nothing less than a glorious rehearsal of what we will experience when the “ultimate assembly” is fully and finally brought together by Christ. Our weekly worship is a foretaste of that day when our “feasting” will be permanent and our “fasting” will be over. I could dream about that all day long! Wait a's Sunday...I can! And so can you.