Monday, July 30, 2007

Two Pro-Choice Parties?

The New York Times runs a story today entitled "Anti-Abortion Leaders Size Up GOP Candidates." The author, Robin Toner, writes that pro-lifers in the GOP are more than a little nervous about this year's presidential election. It's hard to argue with her about that. I know it's still the middle of summer 2007, but it's hard to think that the field is going to change much before the primaries start this January. And right now, pro-lifers are having a hard time finding a solid candidate.

The real worry among many pro-lifers, according to the NYT, is that the GOP will nominate Rudy Giuliani, who is openly pro-choice on abortion. Here's a sobering paragraph:

Hadley Arkes, a professor at Amherst College and a leading social conservative legal thinker, said he had recently gotten “feelers” from some in the Giuliani camp. But Mr. Arkes, an opponent of abortion, said he could not fathom a way the party could nominate Mr. Giuliani and remain the same “pro-life” party it has been for 25 years. “You change the constituency of the party,” Mr. Arkes said — either by showing that anti-abortion voters are not necessary to win, or by showing that anti-abortion voters are willing to subsume their cause to other issues.

What happens, exactly, if 2008 turns out to be the year that the Republican Party becomes convinced that it can win elections without being pro-life?

P.S. Thanks to Justin for handing over the keys to his car for a few days! We promise to stay within the speed limit.....