Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Stott

A couple of you have asked where the John Stott quote came from that I posted last night. It came from his monumental work The Cross of Christ (IVP 1986) pg. 160. For those who don't know, Stott is now officially retired and residing in an assisted living facility for retired Anglican ministers. His life and ministry have been a remarkable inspiration to me. His commentaries on just about every book of the NT are still the ones I consult first and most. His outlines alone are worth the price of the book. For those who aren't familiar with John Stott, do yourself a favor: become familiar with him. He's written scores of books and you can listen to decades worth of sermons at At the very least, please purchase his most excellent book The Contemporary Christian (IVP 1992). Vintage Stott!

I couldn't let you go without giving you a couple more of my favorite Stott quotes:

"The Gospel is not good advice to men but good news about Christ; not an invitation to us to do anything, but a declaration of what God has done; not a demand but an offer." (The Message of Galatians pg. 70)

"We must never divorce what God has married, namely his Word and his Spirit. The Word of God is the Spirit's sword. The Spirit without the Word is weaponless; the Word without the Spirit is powerless." (The Message of Thessalonians pg. 34)

"The Christian hope is not the immortality of the soul (a shadowy, disembodied existence) but the resurrection of the body (a perfect instrument for the expression of our new life)." (The Authentic Jesus pg. 51)

Just a teaser. There are many more. Enjoy...