Friday, February 08, 2008

The Insufficiency of Natural Revelation to Govern Culture

Below is an outline of why John Frame says "no." Of course, for explanation, you'll have to read the whole thing. What do you think?

1. Natural revelation was not sufficient before the fall of Adam.

2. Natural revelation is not sufficient after the fall.

3. Natural revelation is not sufficient for salvation.

4. Natural revelation is not sufficient for pleasing God in any sphere.

5. The only remedy for the distortion of natural revelation is God’s grace.

6. God’s grace comes to us through God’s special revelation, the Gospel of Scripture (Rom. 10:14-17).

7. So we cannot understand natural revelation without distortion, unless we view it biblically.

8. God has never authorized any social institutions or activities to govern themselves without the use of his spoken and written words.

9. Natural revelation is not sufficient for our public dialogue with non-Christians.

10. Jesus Christ rules all spheres of human life (Matt. 28:18), including politics.

11. The Gospel will transform the whole creation.

12. Christians should seek the glory of God in all areas of life (1 Cor. 10:31).

13. So natural revelation is insufficient in our witness to the lordship of Christ.

(HT: Tullian)