Saturday, July 26, 2008

Calvin 500 Blog and Website

Next year will mark the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth (July 10, 1509), and scholars from around the world will gather in Geneva, Switzerland, in order to participate in an international conference on John Calvin. You can see more information on the Calvin 500 home page. Along with the conference, the organizers are planning an historic tour through Paris, Strasbourg, Bern, and Geneva. My friend Tim Russell, president of MCUTS in Memphis, TN, is helping to organize this tour. If you have the time, this would be a great opportunity to see some historic sites from the Reformation and enjoy interacting with scholars on the significance of John Calvin.

In order to provide information on the upcoming conference, the organizers have started the Calvin 500 blog, and the contributors currently include Joel Beeke, Michael Dewalt, Ligon Duncan, Andrew Hall, David Hall, Marc Harrington, Darryl Hart, Martin Hawley, Sebastian Heck, Terry Johnson, Jon Payne, Geoffrey Thomas, Timothy Russell, and Daniel Wilson. The Calvin 500 website also includes downloads, materials, information, and speaker lists.