Thursday, July 31, 2008

Archbishop Orombi Article: "The Church Cannot Heal This Crisis of Betrayal"

Henry Luke Orombi's commentary on the current crisis in the Anglican Church is now online: “The Church Cannot Heal This Crisis of Betrayal.” This is a strong article from Orombi about the present crisis in the Anglican Church, and in Orombi’s words, betrayal by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Read the whole article for his documentation of this betrayal. He concludes by saying,

How can we go to Holy Communion, sit in Bible study groups, and share meals together, pretending that everything is OK?, that we are still in fellowship with the persistent violators of biblical teaching and of Lambeth resolutions?

The Bible says: “Can two walk together unless they are agreed?” The Archbishop of Canterbury has asked us to “wait for each other”. But how is it possible when we are not travelling in the same direction?