Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Evangelical...and Reformed - Continued

Last week Lee Irons had a helpful post on what it means to be evangelical and reformed (Justin linked to it here). Irons' original post has generated some discussion on various blogs, so he has responded to a few of those comments in a recent post: "Responses to Reformed and Evangelical." His conclusion again:
Sure, our differences on TULIP, the covenants, the sacraments, and so on, are important, but if you hold to the white-hot core of the gospel, then I embrace you as a brother in Christ and I want to be identified with whatever label will work to make sure that this embrace is clear. Of course, I will worship at my own Reformed church on Sunday and you will go to your dispensational Bible-church or Baptist church or what have you, but we can do so without either one adopting an attitude of superiority or exceptionalism since we recognize one another as brothers based on the common bond that we have in Christ.
Read the whole post.