Thursday, July 31, 2008

Orombi: Archbishop of Canterbury has 'betrayed' Anglicanism

I recently noticed that Christianity Today's Timothy C. Morgan, who happens to be at Lambeth, posted a story about Henry Luke Orombi, Archbishop and primate of Uganda, writing a commentary piece that will be published in The Times of London. Morgan quotes Time religion correspondent Ruth Gledhill, who broke the story about Orombi's article: tomorrow's Times, the Archbishop of Uganda, Henry Orombi, will accuse the Arcbishop of Canterbury of a betrayal at the very deepest level. He will argue that even the Pope is elected by his peers, but Dr Williams in his office is little better than a remnant of colonialism. 'The spiritual leadership of a global communion of independent and autonomous Provinces should not be reduced to one man appointed by a secular government,' he says. Nor is the absence of Uganda, Nigeria and other Global South churches a sign that they want to leave the Communion. Far from it. It is a sign of how much they care that it endures. Read it all from when it goes online at 2100 BST and in the paper tomorrow, it is strong stuff!