Friday, September 05, 2008

The Politics of Jesus

The Politics of Jesus--a conference on October 9-10th, 2008 at the First Baptist Church of Durham, NC--looks like a very helpful event:
The modern church finds itself riddled with internal contradictions between the teaching of Jesus and politics. The demands of caring for the poor, the elderly, and children fiercely interact with the issues of war, economics, abortion, and homosexuality. Christians of all denominational associations struggle to construct a comprehensive and biblical view of the state without compromising the content of the gospel. Does the Bible offer any help when dealing with issues of politics? Did Jesus speak directly to matters of government? Can theological conservatives be socially active without compromising evangelism? What can Christian history teach the modern church about the political future?
Speakers include Andy Davis, Ben Mitchell, Greg Thornbury, Ken Fentress, Nathan Finn, and David Nelson. The right-hand column of the webpage contains podcast interviews with the speakers.

Owen Strachan will be liveblogging the event.