Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Shameful Week

I think readers of this blog know that I have an interest not only in politics--but also in journalism, and how the two intersect. (If you share that interest, Get Religion is great for coverage on religion and reporting.)

In an email exchange yesterday with a dear uncle--who has been a member of the MSM [Mainstream Media] for decades--I mentioned my prediction that the idea of "liberal bias" in the press will now be forever linked with the name "Sarah Palin." Conservatives (in my view) often exaggerate the bias. But Sarah Palin and her children have now become Exhibit A.

(Some may have missed it--mercifully--but bloggers like Andrew Sullivan were peddling the rumor that Sarah's Down Syndrome son, Trig, was actually the son of her daughter, Bristol, and that Sarah had faked the pregancy in order to avoid the embarrassment of a pregnant daughter. The MSM then began to insist that the McCain campaign respond to this ugly slander--which led to the announcement about her daughter's pregnancy. Sullivan has not apologized.)

What we've seen in just a few short days is something to behold.

Few have put it better than in the latest post by Yuval Levin, who minces no words.

: More here, and here, from Ross Douthat.