Monday, September 08, 2008

Wright on The New Creation

Christopher Wright, excerpting from his forthcoming book, The God I Don't Understand: Reflections on Tough Questions of Faith:
All that has enriched and honoured the life of all nations in all history will be brought in to enrich the new creation. The new creation will not be a blank page, as if God will simply crumple up the whole of human historical life in this creation and toss it in the cosmic bin, and then hand us a new sheet to start all over again. The new creation will start with the unimagineable reservoir of all that human civilization has accomplished in the old creation – but purged, cleansed, disinfected, sanctified and blessed. And we shall have eternity to enjoy it and to build upon it in ways we cannot dream of now as we will exercise the powers of creativity of our redeemed humanity.

Speaking personally, I find enormous comfort and hope in this thought, precisely because it goes way beyond what I can understand. I don’t understand how it will be so, but the firm biblical affirmation that it will be so fills me with great excitement and anticipation.

Think of the prospect! All human culture, language, literature, art, music, science, business, sport, technological achievement, – actual and potential - all available to us. All of it with the poison of evil and sin sucked out of it forever. All of it glorifying God. All of it under his loving and approving smile. All of it for us to enjoy with God and indeed being enjoyed by God. And all eternity for us to explore it, understand it, appreciate it, and expand it.

If this is the new creation that the Bible promises, you can understand why I don’t want just to “go to heaven when I die.” Who wants just heaven, when God promises heaven and earth?

You can read more of the excerpt--and what this has to do with the 2008 Olympics and Lausanne III (in 2010)--here.