Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Biblical Theology 101 with D.A. Carson

If you're anywhere near Minneapolis on the weekends of February 21 and 28, you'll want to consider attending a unique 13-hour seminar by D.A. Carson at Bethlehem Baptist Church, which will provide an overview of the whole Bible. Carson will also be preaching on Sunday at Bethlehem both weekends. Go here for more details on how to register.

Here's an overview:
Seminar Summary
The seminar will be a fourteen-part series aimed at providing an overview for the Bible and the gospel message. There will be times for Q & A. Christians and non-Christians alike are invited to come and hear D. A. Carson teach through the entire Bible message in two weekends.

The purpose of this series of lectures is two-fold:
  • It is intended to explain what Christianity is all about in a non-reductionistic and non-simplistic way. Seekers are welcome. Carson will trace the storyline of Scripture, and articulating Christianity in such a way as to cause hearers either to reject or embrace the gospel.
  • On the other hand, this series is intended to explain what Christianity looks like. What is the compass? What are the claims of the gospel? It is one thing to know the storyline of Scripture, it is quite another to know one's role within the ongoing story of God's redemption of creation. It engages Christians at the worldview level, at the rub of gospel and culture.
The seminar will cover topics as follows (some of these titles will be combined):
1. The God who made everything
2. The God who does not wipe out rebels
3. The God who writes his own agreements
4. The God who legislates
5. The God who reigns
6. The God who makes his people sing
7. The God who is unfathomably wise
8. The God who is coming
9. The God who becomes a human being
10. The God who grants new birth
11. The God who loves
12. The God who dies--and lives
13. The God who declares the guilty just
14. The God who gathers and transforms his people
15. The God who is very angry
16. The God who triumphs