Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seminars by Ed Komoszewski

If you don't yet have following books on your bookshelf--Reinventing Jesus by Daniel B. Wallace, J. Ed Komoszewski, and James Sawyer, and Putting Jesus in His Place by Robert M. Bowman Jr. and J. Ed Komoszewski--I'd warmly recommend them. They are both exactly what the church needs--excellent material, written in clear, accessible English, on important subjects under attack.

Which brings me to the point of this post: Ed Komoszewski. Ed is a godly man with a bright mind and a heart for the church who has a unique ability to communicate complex truths to average folks like you and mine. But don't take my word for it. Here's Dan Wallace's take:
It is a rare thing for a good theologian to also be a good communicator, and even rarer for a good communicator to also be a good theologian. This is what puts Ed Komoszewski in a league by himself: he is a superb theologian and a superb communicator. Co-author of Reinventing Jesus and the highly-acclaimed Putting Jesus in His Place, Ed has become known to a wider audience in the last couple of years. I have known him for more than a dozen years; I am constantly amazed at his incredible gifts coupled with genuine humility. Indeed, what strikes me about Ed far more than his skills in expertly and simply communicating biblical truth is his love for his Savior. In short, Ed breathes Christ. More than anyone I know, Ed’s life is shaped by his passion for Jesus Christ. This comes through loud and clear in his articulate and enthusiastic style of communication, based on rock-solid biblical evidence. I wish there were a thousand like him because the Church today is in desperate need of hearing clear and authoritative voices on the deity of Christ. If you understand the importance of this doctrine, Ed’s lecture series is for you. If you think it has minimal value, then Ed’s lecture series is especially for you, for he will show, from scripture, why the deity of Christ is the foundation stone of our faith. I recommend him to you as enthusiastically as I can, and with the prayer that more churches will put him on their schedule. But be prepared: after a weekend with Ed, your congregation will have changed lives, and an earnest devotion to Christ that they’ve not experienced before.

Daniel B. Wallace, PhD
Executive Director
Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

Professor of New Testament Studies
Dallas Theological Seminary

The reason I'm posting this is that Ed is now available to do seminars based on these two books. If you need someone for a seminar, and you want to do it on something both meaty and accessible, I think this would be a great choice.

Below are a couple of video clips from a seminar based on the book Reinventing Jesus.

The Deity of Christ in Mark 14

The Deity of Christ in Philippians 2

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