Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Give Reviving

Here are the lyrics for the song "Give Reviving." The lyrics were written by the 19th century hymn writer Albert Midlane, alt. by Chelsey Scott.
1. Father for Thy promised blessing
Still we plead before Thy throne
For the times of, sweet refreshing,
Which can come from Thee alone
Blessed earnests, Thou hast given,
But in these we would not rest
Blessings still with Thee are hidden,
Pour them forth and make us blest!

2. Prayer ascendeth to Thee ever,
Answer! Father, answer prayer
Bless oh bless each weak endeavor,
Blood-bought pardon to declare
Wake Thy slumbering children, wake them,
Bid them to Thy harvest go
Blessings O our Father make,
Round their steps let blessings flow

3. Let no people be forgotten,
Let Thy showers on all descend
That in one loud blessed anthem,
millions may in triumph blend
Give reviving, give refreshing,
Give the looked-for Jubilee
To Thyself may crowds be pressing,
Bringing glory unto Thee
You can download the song or the album in iTunes, or buy the CD from Westminster Books.

HT: Owen Strachan