Monday, January 26, 2009

Dockery's Top 15

Lifeway recently asked David Dockery, President of Union University, to list his Top 10 Books going into 2009. He couldn't limit himself to just 10, so here are his Top 15 (in alphabetical order):

The Advent of Evangelicalism: Exploring Historical Continuity, edited by Michael Haykin and Kenneth Stewart (B&H)

Atheism Remix, by R. Albert Mohler Jr. (Crossway)

Baptist Theology: A Four-Century Study, by James Leo Garrett Jr. (Mercer University Press)

The Christian Lover, by Michael Haykin (Reformation Trust)

The Courage to Be Protestant, by David Wells (Eerdmans)

Culture Making, by Andy Crouch (InterVarsity)

Doctrine that Dances, by Robert Smith (B&H)

Edgar Allen Poe, by Harry L. Poe (Metro Books)

Embryo: A Defense of Human Life
, by Robert George and Christopher Tollefson (Doubleday)

ESV Study Bible (Crossway)

Jesus Made in America, by Stephen J. Nichols (InterVarsity)

New Testament Theology, by Thomas R. Schreiner (Baker)

Original Sin: A Cultural History, by Alan Jacobs (HarperOne)

The Prodigal God, by Tim Keller (Dutton)

Suffering and the Goodness of God
, edited by Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson (Crossway)