Monday, January 12, 2009

Reinke on Reading

Tony Reinke has a nice little series here on how to read more, and to read more efficiently:
Tip 1: Capturing Reading Time
Tip 2: Read with a Pen in Hand
Tip 3: Read With Purpose in Mind
Here's one encouragement for those who want to read more but feel like they don't have the time:
Your personal goal may be 5 hours of weekly reading. Sounds like a lot. But you hit this goal if you set aside 15 minutes to read the morning, 15 minutes to read at lunch, and 15 minutes to read before you fall asleep. Reading at 225 words per minute, you could easily read one book every week.

My point is that time is a precious commodity for the reader. And we all can make extra time within our day to invest in reading. Reading 50 books per year is a realistic goal for most of us (paying for 50 books is quite another problem).