Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Baptism: Three Views

Speaking of the baptism debate, some of you may be interested in this new book being released by IVP in September: Baptism: Three Views, edited by the late David F. Wright.

The contributors are:
  • Bruce Ware (Believers' Baptism)
  • Sinclair Ferguson (Infant Baptism)
  • Anthony Lane (Dual-Practice Baptism)
You likely know the format: each writes an essay defending his view, then the other two respond.

Zondervan also has a debate/dialogue book on baptism in their Counterpoint Series. Understanding Four Views on Baptism, edited by John Armstrong, has the following four contributors:
  • Thomas Nettles (Baptist view: baptism of the professing regenerate by immersion)
  • Richard Pratt Jr. (Reformed view: infant baptism of covenant children)
  • Robert Kolb (Lutheran view: infant baptism of covenant children as a regenerative act)
  • John Castelein (Church of Christ view: baptism of the regenerate by immersion as the occasion for justification).
I don't have a copy of either book, so I can't say anything about the quality of the essays, though I assume they are all good!