Thursday, December 06, 2007

Reactions to the Romney Speech

I was thinking of trying to go through and link to a large number of significant reactions to Romney's speech on "Faith in America"--but the thought of doing this adequately is a bit daunting!

So I'll just point to a couple of columnists who are always worth reading--David Brooks and Peggy Noonan--and leave it there for now. Brooks and Noonan provide a "quick guide" to the pros and the cons of this speech.

If you want the extreme pro-Romney take, visit Hugh Hewitt's blog (where he is saying that any analysts who don't agree that the speech was "magnificent" are "untrustworthy"). Hewitt goes on to tell those in his audience that beyond their single vote, they don't "matter" and that it's the conservative media elite who "matter." I used to think Hewitt was one of the more insightful commentators. But I'm sorry to say that I think he jumped the shark this week and is quickly shredding any remaining credibility as an analyst of this race--which is sad.

If you want the more negative side, read something like this analysis by David Kusnet, former Clinton speechwriter who asks some tough questions.

Earlier this week I suggested the speech was a big mistake (politically). The prediction was probably a mistake. (I'm neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet--in fact, I work for a non-profit!)

Collin Hansen will have a thoughtful round-up in his CT "Theology in the News" piece tomorrow morning. I'll link to it when it's "live."