Sunday, December 23, 2007

Reilly: Let June Decide

Here's a new band and CD I've been enjoying: Let June Decide. Here's a short description:
12 new tracks from acclaimed indie group Reilly ( Hailing from the city of brotherly love, Reilly's signature "symphonic rock" sound has garnered them recognition as one of America's top independent bands. On their latest album, vibrant melodies mix with soul-searching lyrics for a listening experience that you won't soon forget.
You can hear 30-second samples here:
  1. Limited Time
  2. Dying for Life
  3. This Side of Your Life
  4. Beautiful You
  5. Cry for You
  6. June
  7. Sunlight
  8. Come to Me
  9. Turned Blue
  10. Run
  11. Speak
  12. Redeemed
And here's an endorsement of the band from Dave Harvey:
"Today, being 'in a band' can be viewed as the highest pursuit for a Christian musician. That's why it is my privilege to commend the members of Reilly. It's not just their love for the Savior or their active & accountable membership in the local church. It's that they get the purpose of music ministry. It's not the trifling pursuit of self-expression; it's an opportunity to lead people to the One for whom music was created."
- Dave Harvey (Senior Pastor, Covenant Fellowship Church/Sovereign Grace Ministries, and author of When Sinners Say "I Do")