Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Adoption Tip Jar


My wife and I are in the adoption process for the second time. A couple of days ago we received some hard news about the plans for a baby falling through. But then just yesterday we received a call about adopting an African American boy from Florida, who was born just yesterday!

We may be traveling to Florida in the next day or so, given that we can sign the papers tomorrow. This has all happened very, very quickly, as our homestudy is just now being completed. We thought that we'd have quite a bit more time to plan!

Adoptions, as most of you know, can be quite expensive (in excess of $12,000 in this case). We are trusting God to provide for us.

With some reluctance, I decided to put an "Adoption Tip Jar" onto this site through (a secure web donation system). If you'd like to make a donation, feel free to do so. We would be deeply grateful, and we give you our word that any money that comes in will only be used for adoption expenses.

It goes without saying that no one should feel obligated to give or guilty if they don't! In fact, I've never donated to a blog tip jar before. No "hard sell" here from me. It's just there if you feel inclined to give.

If you think of us, we'd appreciate your prayers.

Thanks so much.


P.S. The "Make a Donation" button is on the right-bar, below my profile and above my links.

Update: Our flights are booked for 6:15 am Thursday morning!