Friday, June 24, 2005


Aliens invade earth in a cosmic battle! Is this the plot of Tom Cruise's new movie, War of the Worlds? Yes. But it's also the explanation for the origin of evil on earth according to Cruise's religion, Scientology.

Those that reach the higher teachings (OT III) within the Church of Scientology will learn all about Xenu, the evil intergalactic ruler who implanted "thetans" or alien spirits, in earth's volcanoes 75 million years ago, after which they escaped and invaded human bodies. The ultimate belief of Scientology is that you are possessed by the spirits of aliens murdered 75 million years ago by "Xenu" and you have to exorcise these spirits. The cost of reaching OT III approaches $360,000.

According to MSNBC,

The search engine company Lycos reported that “Scientology” had leaped into the top 50 search terms last week for the first time, hitting 37, marking a 260 percent increase in interest — a spike the company attributed to the Cruise-Holmes effect. In fact, said Lycos in a press release, Scientology was now the most-searched-for “ology,” acing out the likes of geology, technology and astrology.

For a more detailed look at their teachings and philosophy, see the entry at Wikipedia.

For a Christian critique, see John Weldon's From Science Fiction to Space-Age Religion.