Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Emergent on PBS

PBS's Religion & Ethics Newsweekly will present a two-part series on The Emerging Church. (check local listings).
In this two-part report, correspondent Kim Lawton examines how some evangelical and mainline Protestants are rethinking Christianity for a new generation. In conversations conducted largely through 'blogs,' leaders of the emerging church movement argue that old models and categories are no longer effective. They are developing new theologies and new forms of worship, often blending elements from different traditions - and eras - of Christianity.
Some are generating controversy for urging a radical re-examination of conventional understandings of the faith. In the first report, Lawton explores the diverse ways the emerging church movement is taking shape at the local level, profiling a congregation in Minneapolis that uses couches and recliners instead of pews, and going behind-the scenes at experimental worship sessions that blend contemporary technology with ancient religious practices. Lawton also talks with leaders of the movement about how they are reassessing what it means to follow Jesus in today's culture, and hears from one critic who says that some parts of the movement are threatening traditional Christianity. In the conclusion, Lawton conducts an extended interview with Brian McLaren, named by Time magazine earlier this year as one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America. McLaren, whose writings have played a key role in emerging church conversations, advocates a 'generous orthodoxy' that is 'post-conservative and post-liberal.' He also raises provocative questions about traditional teachings on subjects such as hell and the afterlife.

[HT: Melinda at STR]