Saturday, June 11, 2005

Our American Times

Hugh Hewitt recently recommend the blog site, Our American Times, which appears to be quite helpful. The creators of the site explain:

With the wider use of the Internet, our access to information has exploded to the point that would be science fiction to a sophisticate even 20 years after the advent of television. However, that access has the same price that has always existed, time. For those interested in the flow of ideas that affect our world, the sea of Blogs and other Internet publications may be reduced to say 200 significant sites, but to daily access even ten sites is more time than many can expend.

The primary function of Our American Times is to provide a summary of the world’s pertinent issues in both news form and commentary, presented in summary format to facilitate easy reading. Links allow the reader desiring more detail to go to the specific piece, often at the original publishing site. However, by reading Our American Times’ summaries, the reader will not only be well informed, but informed in a timely manner.