Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Franklin Graham on His Father and the Clintons

A commentor points me to this new answer on the BGEA website:
Q: Is there a response from the BGEA addressing questions about Bill and Hilary Clinton's appearance on the platform at the Greater New York Billy Graham Crusade?

A: Thank you for your concern regarding comments about former President and Senator Clinton at the recent Greater New York Crusade. Franklin Graham has issued the following statement addressing this topic:
Recently at my father’s New York Crusade, he made comments in jest concerning the Clintons, which may have been misunderstood. His comments indicated that President Clinton could have been an evangelist and his wife, Senator Clinton, could run the country. My father, of course, was joking. President Clinton has the charisma, personality, and communication skills, but an evangelist has to have the call of God, which President Clinton obviously does not have, and my father understands that. For a long time, my father has refrained from endorsing political candidates and he certainly did not intend for his comments to be an endorsement for Senator Hillary Clinton. While his political views are quite different than the Clintons, they remain good friends.

–Franklin Graham