Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A couple of new additions to the website. We've added two resources by J. I. Packer:

(1) Packer's analytical outline of The Death of Death in the Death of Christ--the classic text on the Reformed doctrine of definite atonement. Packer writes that Owen

has a lordly disdain for broad introductions which ease the mind gently into a subject, and for comprehensive summaries which gather up scattered points into a small space. He obviously carries the whole of his design in his head, and expects his readers to do the same. Nor are his chapter divisions reliable pointers to the structure of his discourse, for though a change of subject is usually marked by a chapter division, Owen often starts a new chapter where there is no break in the thought at all. Nor is he concerned about literary proportions; the space given to a topic is determined by it intrinsic complexity rather than its relative importance, and the reader is left to work out what is basic and what is secondary by noting how things link together. Anyone who seriously tackles The Death of Death will probably find it helpful to use a pencil and paper in his study of the book and jot down the progress of the exposition.

This outline is therefore a great aid to readers in following Owen's exposition.

(2) Packer's short introduction to an abridged version of Owen's exposition of Hebrews, Owen's "massive two-million-word exposition of Hebrews, which fills seven of the twenty-three volumes of the standard edition of his works."