Monday, November 20, 2006

Campolo Update

Christianity Today picked up on the Bart Campolo article. Collin Hansen compares Campolo's questions with that of Dostoevsky's famous skeptic, Ivan Karamazov. He closes his piece in this way: "Dostoevsky knew Christians were ill-prepared to answer these questions about theodicy. That's why he created Ivan. What would you tell Ivan and Bart? Write to us and let us know."

In introducing Campolo, Hansen adds a detail I didn't know, namely, that Campolo is a national representative for Compassion International.

Meanwhile, Mark Oestreicher has posted a note on the YS website regarding their removal of the article:

If you came looking for the article, "The Limits of God's Grace", I'm sorry to tell you I've asked our staff to pull it from our Website. YS likes to ask good questions—we think questions have great value in our spiritual growth. And we applaud the author, Bart Campolo, and the publisher, Journal of Student Ministries, for being willing to honestly wrestle with tough questions. But people often confuse articles on our Website as statements from Youth Specialties, as endorsed position papers. And without a strong lens of understanding as to why the questions raised by the article are worth talking about, or a counter-argument by someone else, we were concerned that the article could be more damaging than helpful. Thanks for understanding.