Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Consistency Alert

Tony Jones seems quite irritated that Brett Kunkle thinks Tony has opened the door to unorthodoxy. Yet Tony calls comments by Mark Driscoll to be "unChristian" (he doesn't say which comments and why they are "unChristian"), and wishes that Reformed leaders would "publicly spank" Driscoll and call him to task--though I'm not aware of a parallel call by Tony for the same sort of thing to happen to any of his fellow Emergent leaders. Anyone care to guess what Tony's response would be if someone penned a post in such a tone and called one of Brian McLaren's comments "unChristian" and deserving of public rebuke?

Update: Here's an email exchange Tony and I had today, reprinted with permission:

Hey Tony,

Hope you're doing well.

Just wanted to let you know that I regret posting the little thing about consistency on my blog. I think it may still be a legitimate point, but it came across as trying to pick a fight rather to engage in constructive dialogue. So I ask for your forgiveness for that.

One of my unwritten rules for blogging is that if I'm frustrated at something and intend to post an insta-response but have a moment of self-doubt about it, I should sleep on it first. Obviously it'd be better if I started practicing my own rules!

Hope all's well in Edina.



Thanks, Justin. I have the same rule, though I sometimes break it. I'd be happy if you removed the post and/or told the blogging world about the mistake. As with Brett, I think it's essential that our friendship be in the forefront.