Monday, November 27, 2006

Sealed with an Oath

Students of biblical theology will be interested in this forthcoming addition to IVP's New Studies in Biblical Theology series:

Sealed with an Oath: Covenant in God's Unfolding Purpose
Volume 23, New Studies in Biblical Theology
By Paul R. Williamson
InterVarsity Press
Pub Date: March 2007

Paul R. Williamson looks at the role of the covenant concept in Scripture and the meaning of this terminology. He then sets the idea of covenant in the context of God's universal purpose, and traces the idea through Noah and the patriarchs, the nation of Israel and the kingship of David. Lastly, he shows how the new covenant is anticipated in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New.

Williamson offers new insights into key texts and issues related to the theme of covenant. He is not afraid to challenge established positions. One example is his dual-covenant approach to God's dealings with Abraham.

His robust scholarship will be appreciated by scholars, lecturers and students in theology, ministers and all who have a serious interest in the covenant concept.

1. Biblical Theology and the Covenant Concept
2. Covenant and God's Universal Purpose
3. God's Universal Covenant with Noah
4. God's Programmatic Covenants with the Patriarchs
5. God's National Covenants with Israel
6. God's Royal Covenant with David
7. God's New Covenant anticipated by the Prophets
8. God's New Introduction Inaugurated through Jesus

"Few will be the readers who will not learn a great deal . . . and who will not appreciate the firm but respectful way Dr. Williamson disagrees with his dialogue partners. And perhaps some of those who are much too indebted to atomistic exegesis, unable to see how the Bible hangs together, will glimpse something of the comprehensiveness and wholeness of God's self-disclosure in Scripture, and find their worship of the covenant-making God enhanced."
—D. A. Carson