Monday, November 27, 2006

Mitt Romney

If you ignore his boilerplate theme of bash-the-evangelicals-whenever possible, Andrew Sullivan provides a helpful introduction to Mitt Romney in The Sunday Times.

Hugh Hewitt's 256-page book on Romney--A Mormon in the White House? 10 Things Every Conservative Should Know about Mitt Romney--is due out in March 2007. Here's the publisher description:

A Mormon in the White House? is the first book on Mitt Romney, his unusual faith story, and his viability as a Republican presidential nominee. Inside are exclusive interviews with the governor, his family, and closest associates, mixed with candid conversations with some of the country's shrewdest political observers and Christian leaders. Radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt sets out to explain Romney, his faith, and the importance of that debate in a headline-making and election-shaping opening shot in the campaign before the campaign.

And Time Magazine has an article this week entitled Can a Mormon Be President?
Here's an interesting statistic: "A poll conducted in June by the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg found that 35% of registered voters said they would not consider voting for a Mormon for President. Only Islam would be a more damaging faith for a candidate, the poll found."