Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kunkle Paper on the Emerging Church

Brett Kunkle (of Stand to Reason) has now posted his ETS paper online: Essential Concerns of the Emerging Church. Brett has done is homework, and bends over backwards to be fair and nuanced. Here's a sample:

I have listened to the ECM’s response to criticism and have attempted to be a well-informed, fair, balanced, and humanizing voice within the conversation. In turn, I hope my voice is thoughtfully considered and not quickly dismissed. Conversely, I am open to correction. If I have mischaracterized a position or been unfair to a view, I desire the same correction I humbly attempt to offer.

I'd encourage you to read it. Brett's concerns and perspective line up with my own, except that he is able to express it more clearly, persuasively, and with greater documentation.